Answers to some common questions:



Where can I find the spec sheets on the drivers you use?

Currently all the drivers we use are from Eminence.  Here are the datasheets.


How do I bridge a VT-2180?

In order to bridge the VT-2180 you need a set of bridging cables which are available from Vivid. These cables takes the input and splits them properly so they can be amplified by both channels. The output cable then re-combines the power from both channels into one output.


How do I play along with a music source like an iPod?

You can plug a music source into the 1/8" jack on the front of the amp. This source can then be converted to mono and mixed into CH1 or CH2. The source can also be left as stereo with the left channel mixing into CH1 and the right channel mixing into CH2.

Note that the amp does not have a separate volume control for the AUX input. You adjust the mix between the AUX input and the CH it is mixing into by adjusting the levels of the input sources (the guitar and iPod for example). The channel volume control will then adjust the gain on the combined channel.


How do I use my VT-2180 in a wet/dry application?

Because the VT-2180 is a dual channel amplifier it can be used in a wet/dry application but taking the guitar input, splitting it and running one leg through the effects and into CH1 while taking the second leg and running it into CH2.

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