Our Story

Vivid Amps delivers the most pristine tone for your guitar or bass. Using world-patented amp technology and touch sensitive controls our low profile, lightweight, compact designs are unlike any otherFurther, our enclosure can be personalized with your custom graphics.

Guitar and Bass amps have always focused on "enhancing" the sound of your instrument. With the explosion in effects processors, we see a need for amplifiers that work with these processors rather than fight against them. Whether you want the cleanest sound from your guitar or the unvarnished sound of your effects processor our amps deliver. The Vivid Story: Working in his dad's factory making world-class mobile amps for Harley Davidson™ bikes Nicholas wondered if this technology could be applied to his music needs, thus spawned Vivid Amps. Working with musicians and iterating through prototypes led to our first product - The Vtouch 2180, launched at NAMM 2013.

You can reach us at info@vividamps.com